Celebrate Valentine’s Day with a new King Koil Mattress

February 14, 2015 |  Posted By: Rob Lube at King Koil

Throughout history significant others have shown their love through ornate dinners, roses and expressive candy hearts. Men and women alike have agonized for hours on the perfect romantic evening or just right gift. Unfortunately Valentine’s Day is a fleeting moment, one that often does not live up to the expectation – and that’s for those people in a relationship.


On the other side of the coin are the males and females who are currently not engaged in a relationship. Valentine’s Day is seen as a sad reminder or a time to get with friends and celebrate singlehood. Again like chocolates, candy and fondue these moments are only temporary.


A true Valentine will show they care, by not only improving your Valentine’s Day, but the proceeding days as well. They will give you a gift that will affect your quality of life beyond hugs and kisses and plastic-like candy hearts. At King Koil we believe a quality night’s rest is the best gift for Valentine’s Day, so much so we even wrote a poem about it. Here goes:


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