International Chiropractors Association Endorsed World Luxury

May 21, 2015 |  Posted By: Joe Mulcahy

The International Chiropractors Association and King Koil mattress company have partnered since 1969 and created sleep systems that use specialized designs with ICA's requirements for clinically sound postural support. The successful and long standing partnership between the ICA and King Koil has grown over the years.  Cooperative design and development allowed for the World Luxury Mattress to gain the ICA endorsement. This sophisticated line of mattresses is ergonomically balanced and uses chiropractically sound design.

It really makes allot of sence, a mattress designed by chiropractors. Is this the reason why the popularity of this mattress set continues to increase?  Go to a store today, lay down on affordable luxury that is endorsed by the ICA.


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