Five reasons why the World Luxury line of mattresses by King Koil are a luxury experience:

January 19, 2015 |  Posted By: King Koil


1) World Luxury was not born over night - our heritage that spans well over a century has led us to create the most beautiful, most comfortable mattresses.

2) Fine craftsmanship - Meticulously designed and manufactured from the inside out, you can judge this book...err mattress by its cover. Luxury exudes from the exterior as behind the scenes our innerspring and foam combinations are working tirelessly to help you achieve maximum rest.

3) Quality Materials - World Luxury only uses the best materials. From gel-foam memory foams to encased coil innersprings and silk and wool blends, World Luxury is built to provide long-lasting luxurious comfort.

4) Our World is THE World -- King Koil is a global brand known the world over and we gather inspiration for designs from everywhere. World Luxury is greatly inspired by sleep around the world.

5) Affordability -- What good is luxury if you cannot have it. Luxury is meant to be enjoyed. World Luxury comes in various price points and models so that everyone can find a World Luxury that fits their needs...and their budget.


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