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An extra-firm mattress is the hardest mattress we have to offer. These types of mattresses could be closely compared to sleeping on a carpeted floor. The mattress is known for its support. You will sleep on it, not in it. King Koil is well known for building an extra-firm mattress that can stay firm over extended periods of time such as our World Extended Life mattress selection.

How long do you need your extra firm bed to last?  Mattress Warranties can indicate the durability of a mattress.  What is really important is the comfort life of your mattress, comfort life is how long the bed will last feeling comfortable. When you shop for an extra firm mattress you want the mattress to last feeling firm just like when you purchased the bed set.  A luxury mattress uses materials that have the ability to increase the comfort life of the mattress set. 

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What is Sleep iD?

Sleep iD is the result of extensive research between King Koil and the ICA. We have analyzed hundreds of people of all body types with varying sleep habits to learn which mattress construction properly supports different profiles of sleepers. You should try it!

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We understand finding the right comfort surface is a personal preference and may vary among retailers. To achieve the right feel for you, we suggest you determine your needed support through Sleep iD and rest test mattresses at your nearest King Koil dealer.