No more compromises! With the SmartLife mattress, both you and your sleep partner will each get the perfect combination of support and comfort, even if you have different sleep positions or preferences.

  • Each of you can select your preferred comfort setting for your own side of the mattress, ranging from firm to soft.
  • Our patented body-sensing technology makes sure each of you get the individualized and adaptive support your unique body type needs.
  • Even if you move or turn in your sleep, the SmartLife mattress senses your movements and silently adapts the support to suit your position.
  • Even if your body changes over time…gain weight, lose weight, get pregnant, undergo surgery…no matter what happens, your SmartLife mattress will adapt to your needs and provide the perfect combination of support and comfort.

SmartLife – the mattress that fits you perfectly every night for the rest of your life.

Body Sensing Technology

How does this improve your sleep?

Your mattress will monitor and adapt to your specific needs all night long, every night for years to come, even as your body changes.

Body Sensing Technology

Peronalized Comfort

How does this improve your sleep?

No more compromise! Each sleeper can select their personal comfort preference, ensuring the perfect night's sleep for both of you!

Adaptive Support

How does this improve your sleep?

Both sleepers get the pressure relief and proper support they need to maintain ergonomic alignment all night long.

Adaptive Support

Relaxation Mode

How does this improve your sleep?

Use before sleep to help your body relax and ease into a deep sleep. Or use Relaxation Mode’s alarm feature to provide a gentle wakeup after a great night’s sleep.


Sleep Data

How does this improve your sleep?

Use our App to analyze and track the quality of your sleep on a daily, monthly and yearly basis.

Product Specifications

Mattress Height: 12"

Queen: 60" X 80"

King: 75" X 80"

California King: 72" X 84"

25 years

Product Review

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Firmer than expected, but still have 3 weeks before the 30 day breakin period ends

Better over time

Our previous bed was a spring mattress with a foam topper. The bed felt too firm for us at first, even with the feature to adjust the level of firmness from 1 to 10 set at the lowest. It took some time for the bed to break-in and for us to adjust to a firmer bed, but now we really like it. Seems like that extra support is what we need, and it actually just about the right level of softness. I found that the changing the firmness level made a slight but noticeable difference. I also notice the optimal setting is somewhere around 5 to give the bed more room to auto-adjust itself when alleviating specific pressure points. Now I understand when it labels itself as luxury firm, it really is that balanced level of support and softness. The app is actually not that great and doesn't provide useful information about my sleep. It seems to always grade my sleep above 90%, so not sure how accurate that is. I wish there was more info on where it detects pressure points, and maybe more control on how it auto-adjusts the firmness for that. Very basic app.

Not as Happy as I Wanted to Be

My husband and I bought the smart life mattress and we did get an adjustable base. We thought it would be nice with him snoring so we could raise his head. That part is nice, We did use the relaxation mode at the start, but have not been using recently. I like that if I need it firm I can adjust for a few nights, then bring it back down, but the softest just doesn't seem great. It is like you want the support but soft, so maybe adding a mattress topper would be a good solution. I believe the cost of the mattress is not worth it in the long run, I probably was more comfortable sleeping on my $1000 mattress compared to a $10,000 mattress. Now of course we are just stuck with this mattress.

Solved my problem

This mattress solved my problem with aches and pain getting up in the morning. Best mattress we ever had. Highly recommended.

love my relaxation mode

as a graveyard ICU nurse, when i come home i am so sore and tired, the relaxation mode is my own personal massage therapist. Thank you!!

Solved my problem

This mattress solved my problem waking up with aches and pains. It’s worth the price. Love the relaxation mode. Highly recommended.

So happy

My husband and I can never agree on what feels good. So many times we’ve walked out of bed stores frustrated and without a new bed. When we finally surrendered to paying a little more and discovered the King Koil, all of our differences and needs were met on both ends! The relax mode is amazing and now so are our nights of sleep! I highly recommend it for anyone and everyone!!!

Smart Life Mattress not worth it

I bought into the hype that the company provides and I sincerely regret it! My sleep pattern deteriorated after using the Smart Life Mattress. I previously had a medium firm mattress and now I can only use the softest Level 1 and that is too firm. The relaxation mode is not as effective as the relaxation mode on the adjustable frame. The "tracking" app is a joke when compared to my Fitbit. The only way we have made this mattress palatable is by adding a thick, soft mattress topper. If someone suggests this mattress, look elsewhere.

King Koil Mattress

We love our King Koil mattress. Helped my husbands snoring, back, and shoulder pain. I am pleased that I can make my side softer than my husbands. Well worth the investment!

King Coil Mattress

Mattress was a godsend. After a day at work or after gym Relaxation mode makes stress melt away. Best sleep we have ever had

A good night sleep

the ability to adjust the pillow and leg height makes a great difference in getting a good night sleep The relaxation mode is sure to get you to sleep every time

Love my bed

I am in love with the relaxation mode of my bed.!! As a ICU nurse who works 12 hr shifts this mode helps so much with my sore body !!! Love it


We were looking for a mattress that had separate firmness levels. My wife likes a harder firmer mattress while I prefer a softer mattress. The Kingkoil met our needs. So far we both have had a good night sleep. I highly recommend this mattress if your partner wants different levels of firmness. I’m pleased with my purchase. :)


Comfortable mattress. We like that we can each adjust the firmness and split head to our individual liking. The relaxation mode is an added bonus, despite being costly. Have slept on for about 8 months.

Great Nights Sleep

Love the way the smart mattress conforms to me as I move

Love it

We came from the top of the line Tempurpedic and so glad we did. This is a reminder of the waterbed without movement.

Using relaxation mode is better than counting sheep

This mattress offers head and foot elevation, separate firmness for 2 disparate people who might otherwise come to blows. In short, it may not cause us to sell our clothes and go to heaven but it’s close

Great bed

Worth every penny fell in love with it the first time I relaxed on it

Great, but takes getting used to

Definitely provides a good night’s sleep, but if you are not accustomed to air mattresses it feels very different from a traditional spring or foam. The best way I can describe it is that there’s just no “bounce”. It took me a while to adjust but like I said, once I got used to the difference I would say it is an excellent mattress. Relaxation mode will put you right to sleep. And it’s nice to be able to adjust firmness as needed.

Big Relief

Great bed, I have back and hip issues and our bed takes those problems completely away. Wish I had found our King Ko bed sooner,

Love it now

When we were in the store Raymour & Flanagan, and tried it out, it seemed different. It was softer. When we got ours home and slept on it , we were dismayed to wake up sore all over! It was on the softest setting but still too firm. It did soften up after a week or so but we eventually bought mattress toppers on Amazon. Sales person said the automatic adjustments would not work. Well fortunately he was wrong and it worked great and now the bed is perfect and we love it. Also just found that we can buy split head king sheets on Amazon for a third of the price of Bedgear available at Raymour & Flanagan. They actually fit better. We would have been better off with the plush top but that was not available at R&F. Overall we love it now but it took a little bit of time.


We have had it about 5 months now, I love the relaxation mode, my wife likes her side firmer while I like mine softer, love this bed, Awesome purchase!!

Bed good, store and service terrible

Bed is excellent. Store purchase, delivery, setup could not have been worse.

Great Night's Sleep

I've had the Smart Life King Coil bed with adjustable frame. I had only one problem with this system. The control box that works with the remote control had an issue intermittently working then finally not working at all. I have been pleased with this bed. When I turn on relaxation mode via the phone app I get to sleep within 5 minutes! I am happy we made this purchase. I have back issues and fund by adjusting g the bed my back does not hurt when I get up the next morning.

Smartlife Mattress

Buying the Smartlife mattress was the best decision I've made in a long time. We absolutely love this mattress, and Oh, the relaxation mode is fabulous! Great product!


Mattress is great overall, the break in period is nessecary to enjoy the mattress. I will admit at first it's not that comfortable when switching, but the functions u have to adjust the levels is top notch. I sleep more firm the wife sleeps extreme soft so it works for the both of us!

King koil mattresses

I long this mattress idid get the adjustable frame the massage mode has me sleep well before the 30 cycle is over lol its nice the lifetime warranty is another plus I'm 51 and I stand on my feet all day so yes this is a great investment

Best Mattress Ever

We've had our mattress for a little over 5 months and we love it. Absolutely no issues, problems, or complaints. I have been having issues sleeping and getting up in the middle of the night due to congestion, but after utilizing the the heqad tilt feature, it would help. Also the way it conforms to your body makes for a more comfortable nightly sleep. It was abit pricey, but so far, worth the cost.

Best sleep ever

We really love our bed. We sleep so much better. Love the relaxation mode and the memory setting. My neck aches are gone.


We really like out King Koil Mattress! The relaxation mode is wonderful!

Great mattress, great support!

We loved our mattress from day 1; however, both airbags failed shortly after the 1 year mark. When we submitted our claim, the King Koil team worked quickly to replace our mattress (including delivery and haul away) so that we could keep our new level of sleep comfort the same. We appreciate their diligence and support and will never have a different mattress!

King Koil SmartLife Mattress

We've had our mattress for about a year now and still love it. We can reset it and adjust the settings for each side. I wish we got a split one so we could adjust the head positions separately but not sure if there is one like that. Overall, we love the comfort and the relaxation mode!

We love it

We love our King Koil bed, it's been just over a year now and our opinion has only gotten better. Thank you for making a great mattress!

We love it

We love our Kin Koil bed, it's been just over a year now and our opinion has only gotten better. Thank you for making a great mattress!

Really like our King Koil

Well worth the investment. Both my wife and I can set and change our own comfort settings. She uses the relaxation mode every night.


Have mattress about 1 year. My wife is ecstatic. Thinks this is the most comfortable mattress we ever had. Relaxation mode is incredible. Would highly recommend to anyone

Pricey but worth it.

We've had our mattress for a little over a year now and we love it. Absolutely no issues, problems, or complaints. We were hesitant at first because of the pricetag, but after a couple nights of (good) sleep we were sold.

Worth every penny

I have had this mattress for over a year and love it. No more hip, back or leg pain when I get up in the morning. Worth every penny.

Living the smartlife

We have had the bed for over a year now. This is our 3rd air bed and our best! Had a massage platform but the relax mode on the bed is 100 times better than that. You won’t regret getting this bed.

Amazing experience

While furniture shopping with my husband, I laid down on this King Kool Smart life mattress and was instantly in love. It sensed by body type, height and weight and created the perfect supportive comfort for me. I adjusted the degree of firmness I like, which is 3 on their scale, and relaxed instantly. The gentle wave motion was blissful. My husband joined me and was able to adjust his side how he likes and he found the ideal position when he raised the head of his side of the bed. We were both incredibly comfortable and it was all we could do to not fall asleep in the middle of the store! There was none of the usual pressure on my shoulder and hip, as I am a side sleeper. Plus, with the app and controls, it can keep track of our sleep and monitor our comfort. I can’t wait to save up some money to buy one of these fabulous mattresses.

Love our SmartLife!

My husband and I love our SmartLife mattress! He likes a softer feel, and I like a firmer feel - with SmartLife, we both get exactly what we want. And I love relaxation mode, I turn it on every night to help relax and fall asleep. Our best mattress ever!

Love, Love, Love!!!

I absolutely love my Smart life bed. The relaxation mode is just what the doctor ordered. I go to sleep with it, and I wake up with it. If I had only one negative I would say that I wish they made a true split king.

Hits all the right points

We have had the bed for two months now and have no complaints. With individual firmness settings and separate adjustments to the head, both my wife and I are resting well and comfortable. She uses the relax feature to ease and relax her body if she has trouble getting to sleep. It works perfectly. She took a 10 minute Power Nap on relax mode and woke up feeling as if she had sleep a solid 8 hours. We bought the split head king size bed and are very happy with our purchase.

Perfect Sleeper

By far the best purchase/investment ever. I enjoy the massages so much it puts me straight to sleep. I literally have no complaints and highly recommend.

Thrilled with this SmartLife bed!

Been sleeping on this SmartLife mattress for over a year now and we are so happy with the purchase. Its so comfortable and relaxing. Use the relaxation mode all the time to relax and check the sleep monitor from time to time to see how we are doing.

Best bed ever!

We bought our bed 2 years ago and this was by far our best purchase ever. My husband and I like different firmness so finding a mattress that was able to accommodate the both of was a bit difficult. As described by the guy who sold the mattress to us "This is the Lamborghini of mattresses!" The best feature is the relaxation mode and our dogs love it almost as much as we do!


works great. glad i got one for the kids.

King Koil

I had a Sleep Number bed for 10 years and thought I was ready to replace…during Covid they were unavailable and the King Koil was recommended to me by David Dean, my designer at Mathis Brothers. This mattress surpasses any other mattress I have had. Love the app to see my sleep results each morning. The massages and relaxation mode are useful to prepare for sleep. A+++


Amazing! I’ve never considered spending more than a few hundred dollars on a bed until I laid on this one. Plagued with back problems all my life, and continued degeneration; I quickly realized that this Smartlife bed could be a critical solution to true rest I so desperately needed. I have found so much relief from this investment! I opted for the articulating base and have never looked back. Silent—Intelligent—Amazing!

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