Flare Mattress Design

Changing The Shape of Sleep

King Koil ground-breaking and patent-pending new mattress technology is part form, part function and all about enhancing sleep. The unique shape of the Flare™ design mattresses from King Koil provides extra “me” space to help decrease motion disturbance while enhancing edge durability.

Available on all Twin, Full, Queen and King size mattresses on most King Koil brands.

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Super Size Your Sleep by Getting More “Me” Space with the Flare™ Mattress Design

Get More "Me" Space

Click the play button to see how our exclusive design helps you get a better undisturbed night’sleep by getting more “me” space for you and your parnter.

Bigger is Better

The Flare design adds up to 15% more sleeping space providing more “me space” and giving you that extra space to decrease motion disturbance and increase uninterrupted sleep.

% Increase 15 11 10 8
Bigger is Better

The Flare Fits

The Flare Fits

Many people want a bigger bed, but are hindered by spacial constraints in their bedroom or do not want the expense of buying new furniture. Not only does a Flare size mattress take up a minimal amount of additional space, it will fit in your existing furniture. For example, if you have a queen headboard and footboard bed frame, the new Queen Flare size will fit in your existing furniture. Plus, when it comes to sheets we’ve got you covered. Consult the Flare mattress sheet guide for a list of off-the-shelf sheet options and information on where you can buy FlareFit sheet sets.

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